Tips To Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Tips To Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Your body requires sleep to stay healthy. It is even more crucial during pregnancy because it benefits both you and the unborn child. The changes in your body could impact how well you sleep at night.

Progesterone, a naturally occurring hormone that functions as a natural sedative, is released by the body throughout the first trimester. You might have daytime drowsiness from this, and it might interfere with your body's regular sleep cycles at night. Your body goes through more changes in the second and third trimesters. You can also experience tension, backache, cramps, itchy skin, and cramping as your belly grows.

Here, we have compiled a list of ideas to help you get the rest and sleep you and your baby require.

Head to Bed When You Sleep

There is no need to worry if you start to nod off earlier than the regular time. During pregnancy, it's normal to feel sleepy early in the evening. It is essential to pay attention to your body during pregnancy, so adjust your bedtime based on how you may feel.

Cutting the Caffeine

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Reduce your caffeine intake, especially after lunch. Be aware that soft drinks, energy drinks, several medications, tea, and chocolate all contain caffeine.

Sunlight is Vital

Exposure to sunshine during the day is necessary to keep your body's circadian rhythm working well. Melatonin secretion—the hormone that signals your body to sleep—can be interrupted if you don't get enough sunlight.

Wear a Maternity Belly Band

The comfort offered by a pregnancy belly band is praised by several women, as it is beneficial for pelvic, hip, and back aches. Even if you don't wear your belly band to bed, the pain it relieves throughout the day can help you sleep at night. It will lessen the discomfort you experience daily. Find yourself the coziest pair of pajamas if you don't like wearing the belly band to bed.

Darkness Is the Key

Make your room as dark as possible to support your body in falling asleep deeply. Block all light sources from your room and cover the windows with thick curtains. Turn off digital clocks or glowing devices; even a nightlight's light can stop melatonin secretion. Melatonin deficiency might keep you awake well past your regular bedtime.

Be Active During the Day

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Exercise is the best way to keep your body healthy, while it promotes your sleep schedule as well. There are several pregnancy exercises like walking, yoga, and swimming with a low impact on your body and help keep you fit and active. 

Get a Bedtime Massage

One method to ease your painful muscles is massage. You could ask your spouse to give you a rubdown at night; it would make you feel more at ease and drowsy. You'll be able to nearly close your eyes and imagine yourself in a spa after using some shea butter. It is preferable to focus on the belly (make sure to use gentle touch), head, lower back, shoulder, and feet.

Eat Light Before Sleeping

Overeating before bed can disrupt your sleep. It raises body warmth and urges your stomach to digest when it wants to rest. On the other hand, undereating can result in hunger-related overnight awakenings. Eat a light snack, such as a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts, if necessary, two or three hours before going to bed. While still giving your body enough calories to last through the night, this provides your body time to digest.

Right Mattress

Your mattress certainly influences your sleep. A too-firm mattress will make you feel pressure points at your hips and shoulders, while a too-soft one will not provide enough support to your neck and back. If your recent mattress is not working for you, replace it with a new one; make sure to test it before buying it to find the right one.

Use Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows are outsized pillows designed for pregnant ladies seeking a more comfortable position. There are a variety of pillow shapes, including wedges, entire-body pillows, inflatable pillows, and U-shaped pillows.

Breathing Exercise Before Going to Bed

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Stress and tiredness during the day can also disturb your sleep schedule. Often, the thoughts of the next day come back to your mind and keep your mind running and your body on edge. That retains you from falling asleep, even how worn out you are. Try deep-breathing exercises to reduce this stress and improve your lung capacity. 

Aroma Therapy

Add some aromatherapy to your deep-breathing exercises before bed to improve your ability to sleep through the night. Lavender aroma is preferred by most women, as it promotes deeper, slow waves of sleep while reducing rapid eye movement.

According to professionals, a pregnant woman must sleep for a minimum of seven hours every night. Following these tips can help promote your sleep and provide you with a relaxed body. 

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