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SNUG360 Pregnancy Belly Band



  • Helps relieve pelvic and lower back pain.
  • Relives pain and undue stress in the body while performing day-to-day activities.
  • Provides tremendous support to your growing belly and back.
  • Lightweight & adjustable with double pull Velcro straps for a comfortable fit.
  • Hot/Cold gel pack pocket at back for therapy.
  • Made with bamboo fabric which has natural cooling properties, is flexible, soft, and you can wear it under clothes without overheating.
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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it also brings discomfort with plenty of aches and pains, especially when the baby bump gets bigger. Our SNUG360 pregnancy belly band is essential in your journey. The best belly band for pregnancy is designed with an adjustable feature that gives light compression and relieves pressure from the lower back to help pregnant women handle their day-to-day activities with comfort.

SNUG360 maternity support belt provides gentle compression and helps relieve pelvic and lower back pain. Our pregnancy belly support band gently lifts the belly and provides the best snug fit support.

More Details About SNUG360 Pregnancy Belly Band

RELIEVES DISCOMFORT AND EASES PREGNANCY PAINS: Our adjustable belly band provides stability to pregnant women. It helps to reduce spinal/bladder pressure, and lower back pain, and distribute the baby’s weight more evenly.

DOUBLE PULL BELLY SUPPORT BAND: Its double pull feature for easy adjustments and provides an overall snug fit support.

BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Our maternity support belt is made with lightweight and breathable bamboo fabric. As Bamboo fabric is safe, non-toxic, and has natural cooling properties, helps you to stay cool and comfortable even after wearing under clothes.

BACK POCKET FOR LOWER BACK PAIN THERAPY: Our flexible maternity belly support band comes with a built-in back pocket for hot and cold pack therapy. This makes it easy for women to apply hot or cold packs to the back.

⚠ Always use the product under medical supervision. If discomfort, irritation, or pain results, discontinue the use and take physician advice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing Pregnancy Belt

I am currently at the 29-week mark of my pregnancy. Before getting this belly band, I had been dealing with a lot of back and pelvic pain. It's amazing how much it has helped me in terms of mobility. Previously, I could effortlessly walk upstairs and bend down to pick things up. However, once the belt is removed, I can clearly feel the contrast. This remarkable belt provides support by lifting and holding my belly, alleviating stress on my back.

Help me to stay active during my pregnancy

Nice belly band, work exactly as expected and described!

Cozy and Flexible!

Truly excellent maternity "support" band I got for my daughter!

She just loves it! Although she's not very far along yet, says it's very comfortable, fits well, very "cozy," does not constrict her body too much, I'm very happy to report. And that's important, because if something is not comfortable, I don't care how beautiful or fashionable it is.... You just won't wanna wear it. There's "room to grow" she claims, Yes!

I'm so glad, because this belt really does offer her wonderful protection in a "myriad" of ways, to her body, to her baby, to her health in general---- while she's pregnant.

Lastly, the nice "Nude" color will blend or be disguised well, with "anything" she wears! Plus, plus!


Very supportive

This band is the very nice. It's very well made and overall good quality. I have had 2 maternity bands in my life with different elasticity and the ones I had didn't hold up the pregnant belly as much. I am a smaller frame person and my pregnant belly needs a lot of support. This one is number 3 and it's by far has a better support. It's stretchy but still firm and gives a little. The velcro in the belt stays put and holds firm so no slipping. It's not scratchy and feels smooth.

I like that it has a little pouch that you can use after pregnancy. As in putting in a warm or cold compress. Overall this is very nice and I recommend getting a support belt when you're pregnant, especially to help with back pain.

Effective but would be better with front closure

"I researched tens and tens of these belly bands before purchasing this one and another more supportive band with structured lower back support.

I give this one high marks for doing the job of lifting and supporting a midsized growing belly while being low profile under clothes while being relatively cool (I live in sunny, hot CA).

But I find this one cumbersome to put on and adjust with its wrap around design. It’s ok for the reasons I laid out, but I would suggest pregnant moms look for front closure bands, especially with those that have the extra side bands that you pull to cinch toward the front. Those are much easier to use and adjust to get the right support you needs."

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